Pagan Wanderer Lu Compilations

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Road Safety Facts


Download compilation made available via and the Independent Online when I was doing my blog for them. The last track is previously unreleased.

released June 2009 - available here




Make Archive (2001 - 2005)


Download compilation EP initially released in March 09 to subscribers of Bearded Magazine's 'BeardAid'.
Subsequently released here via fleeing from pigeons records as a donation download EP.

Released March 2009.




Omnichord EP


    1.Anger Management
    2.Sleep on the Floor
    3.Winter Gardens
    4.Our New Hospital Sucks (acoustic version)
    5.kk4 omni

being a collection of songs & demos recorded using the omnichord. recorded 2005-2006 in bolton and manchester. Most tracks had been available to download individually for a while before this was collected into an 'EP'.

Released July 2007



Hospital Radio Hits (2003 - 2004)


    1.B.O.A.T.S. (mp3) (4.04)
    2.2 Bullets (mp3) (1.55)
    3.(You & Me and) Winston Churchill (mp3) (3.00)
    4.Our New Hospital Sucks (mp3)(2.31)
    5.Molly's Lips (mp3) (3.29)
    6.Kofi Annan TV (mp3) (3.36)
    7.Vote With Yr Feet (mp3) (2.49)
    8.I dream of Soledad (mp3) (5.38)
    9.Matthew/Mark (mp3) (4.53)
    10.Respect Yr Mother (mp3) (4.00)

This compilation was made available to download from this website and was never put onto cds (although you can use the artwork here if you want to make your own). All the tracks were released before. This album should be distributed FOR FREE - if someone's trying to sell you a copy they should fuck off.

released Sept 2006 - download only


Viva! Coupon Feeders Hotel


    1.Our New Hospital Sucks
    2.Kofi Annan TV
    3.(You & Me and) Winston Churchill
    4.Good Christian/Bad Christian
    5.Straight to Video
    6.England Expects

This is compilation cd for Aberystwyth. Kofi Annan TV is not the same mix as 'Jazzy Jungle Memorial Hall' but is very similar. 'Winston Churchill' is the newer version with a different vocal and new lyrics on the third verse.

Card sleeve with photocopied collage on front and back.

The first edition used green or orange card and half of them were b&w photocopies - these were all sold in Aber. The second edition were all colour copies and used black card - these were all sold in Manchester.

released Feb 2005/Aug 2005

Fake Viva! Coupon Feeders Hotel

The 'fake' version of this, used as a demo for getting gigs, has exactly the same artwork but different tracklisting. This is because I really liked the artwork but including six tracks apparently puts off people who have loads of demos to listen to (lazy fuckers - just listen to the first three tracks, eh?). The tracks on this are 'Our New Hospital Sucks' 'Death to Repetition' (which is actually 'Repetition 2') and 'The Memorial Hall'. The card was a variety of bright colours.

28 Pages of Jobs


    1.B.O.A.T.S. (GBWS version)
    2.2 Bullets
    3.I dream of Soledad

A compilation EP devised for the good people of Brighton, black card slipcase with job section ad stuck on the front.

released Nov 2003.