Pagan Wanderer Lu/Andrew Paul Regan Albums

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Dinas Powys


Second APR album. A 'cubist folk' record. More low key than most of my stuff. All songs built around acoustic guitar and computer wizardry. Written and recorded in the sleep Welsh village of the same name. Released November 2013

The Signal and the Noise


My first album as 'Andrew Paul Regan'. A concept album about narratives, the way we use them to understand our lives, and the errors we make as a result. Released June 2012.

A Neuron Poem Soon


    1. Even The Cacti
    2. Margam Park
    3. The Book Burners
    4. Banish Negative Thoughts (Napoleon IIIrd remix)
    5. Chemicals Like You (Tau Zero remix)
    6. A Girl Named Aeroplane (Dreamtrak remix)
    7. Version 5.1 (Romantic Rights remix)
    8. I am a Scientist (by Guided by Voices)
    9. Dots
    10. The Legend of…
    11. Real Fun
    12. Bad Poem For A Dead Classmate
    13. ------------- (live at the barracks)

Compilation of outtakes/b-sides and remixes from 'European Monsoon' era. Includes all the digital b-sides and remixes from the EM singles, plus the tracks released on the identically titled free download EP that came with preorders from the PWL and BRNLV shops. Plus one previously unreleased track.

CD-R release, September 2010.

European Monsoon


    1.Banish Negative Thoughts
    2.Chemicals Like You
    3.Crustaceans as Castanets
    4.The Great British Public Becomes Self-Aware
    5.God in his wisdom and compassion spares the Mona Lisa from being engulfed by the dying sun
    6.European Monsoon
    7.Self-Doubt Gun
    8.A Girl Named Aeroplane
    9.Westminster Quarters
    10.Version 5
    11.The Island etc.

Released on Brainlove Records on 14/06/2010. In a gatefold card sleeve made by Disc Wizards with artwork by Adam Chard of Croatoan design. Singles from the album will combine their artwork to make on large picture - which is cool.

The album was recorded between 2008 and 2009 at two locations in Cardiff. It's the first PWL record since 'Perfection R.I.P.' to not feature anyone except me - which wasn't the plan.

Fight My Battles For Me


    1.Anger Management
    2.The Gentlemen's Game
    3.Good Christian/Bad Christian
    4.(You & Me and) Winston Churchill
    5.The Tree of Knowledge
    6.2.0///The Bridge of Sighs
    7.Stop Traveller! Stop and Read!
    8.The Memorial Hall
    9.Simple Life/Repetition 4
    10.Ten Cities is not a european tour
    11.England Expects
    14.Pockets in Shrouds
    15.Millionaires Need People Like You

My first properly released album. All tracks are new versions except 'Tree of Knowledge' which is the same as the single version. David Roberts plays drums and violin and Laura Janes does backing vocals. It was mixed and mastered by Oli Horton and the artwork was designed by Kirsten McTernan.
released on Brainlove Records in June 2009.

Build Library Here (or else!)


    1.The ending makes what came before a story
    2.Show me yr Knuckles
    3.Good Christian/Bad Christian
    4.Keep the Weather Out
    5.(Sick of) Playing Solo
    6.2 Bullets
    7.O Peter! (won't you hear my mournful strum?)
    8.Jabita Nu-Orleenz
    9.The Memorial Hall
    10.At the hairdressers...
    11.Harp & Chainsaw
    12.Yr on my shoulder

My second full length album. Combining the sounds of the previous three EPs into one glorious whole. Features guest appearances from stuart and claire.

Original Sleeve: folded card sleeve with stuck on printouts. 2005 original ones were brown card.

Reissue Sleeve: First batch are blue card sleeve with red or yellow printouts stuck on.

Promo copies had a scan of the original brown sleeve on paper in a plastic wallet.

Originally released April 2005

Restless Revolution Day by Day


    1.Vote With Yr Feet
    2.Believe Everything you read
    3.Hypersanity (Kiss & Refrain)
    5.Molly's Lips
    6.(You & Me and) Winston Churchill
    7.Telling Stories
    8.Make a mediocre dinner
    9.Billie Holiday
    10.Straight to Video
    11."Headaches" Girl
    12.Take only Photographs
    13.Respect Yr Mother.

Tracks 1 and 4 are the same as Goodbye Workshy but track 5 is a very different version. 10 is a new version.

Different coloured card and plastic on each case, with photocopied newspaper collage.

released May 2004



    1.Ideas and Fighting*
    2. Asking you to Dance
    4. Life's too good*
    5.The Cynical Little Train*
    6.New Fountains*
    7.In Threes?
    8.Straight to Video*
    9.Xmas Song*
    10.If you were a Kilroy guest
    12.(sorry jenny)
    13.Jaded Wannabe Parade*
    14.Last Song Ever.
    (starred tracks are versions unreleased elsewhere)

Limited to one copy which was hidden in a location in aberystwyth for anyone who wants it to find and keep. No Sleeve, cd-r with marker pen saying PWL - ALBUM, in plain brown wrapper with tracklist handwritten on it.