Pagan Wanderer Lu EPs.

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Pervert Oven


Pay what you want download EP available via bandcamp.

The songs were mostly recorded around the same time of European Monsoon, except 'Jhavishna' which is from 2006. All nominally in a lo-fi punk style.



Mostly Furniture




The Omega Point EP


    1.2.0///The Bridge of Sighs
    2.Come Shake My Hand, You Sinister Genii!!
    4.The ending makes what came before a story
    5.Brighton Pier

Limited to 100 numbered copies on cd-r. Kind of a companion EP to 'Fight My Battles For Me' it contains 4 songs which were recorded for the album but not included. Track 4 is a new version of the BLH(oe!) song featuring David and Laura from the Volunteers.

Released November 2008.



Perfection R.I.P.


    1.The Gentlemen's Game
    2.Sell Space
    3.Perfection or a Simple Life
    4.Norman Kember
    5.Tree of Knowledge
    6.The Black Death
    7.000s & 111s
    8.Repetition 4 (Simple Life)

Second EP for Brainlove. Recorded at home in various locations from 2006-07 by me then mixed and mastered by Oli Horton of Trademark. Released on CD in card sleeve and download from eMusic and iTunes. The first batch of cds came with a photocopied explanatory booklet inside.
The unlisted 9th track is called 'eskomolto'.
The download version on Bandcamp also includes 'Five Prayers' from the Tree of Knowledge single, and the Modernaire remix of 'Tree...'.

Released 5th November 2007.



My Heartfelt Duty


    1.overture to hold my hand
    2.hold my hand
    3.backwards ukelele
    4.apologies to an old lady
    5.marimba and casio
    6.i have true love

5 minute long EP recorded to cassette on 18th June 2007. E-mailed to some friends. No physical release. If you'd like a copy then e-mail me.

Released June 2007




The Independent Scrutineer


    1.The Memorial Hall
    2.Repetition 2
    3.Our New Hospital Sucks
    4.Repetition 1
    6.Knight -> King 4

My first commercially released EP. On Brainlove Records. Produced by Napoleon IIIrd who also plays various things on four of the six tracks. It was recorded at his studio in Leeds over three weekends in April - June of 2006. Packaged in shiny sleeve and jewel case like a proper cd.

Released 27th November 2006.

Covered Versions


    1.Outdoor Miner (originally by Wire)
    2.Maps (originally by Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
    3.Here (originally by Pavement)
    4.The Drowsing Nymph (originally by the Hot Puppies)

These tracks were available to download for a short while, no cd release. The first three were recorded at Maldwyn one day in May 05 and track 4 was done in Cardiff just after 'Restless Revolution Day by Day'.

released May 2005


Siop Enoc Hughes


    1.J.L.B. Smith
    2.Kittens and the Sea
    4.A song for when yr just tired
    5.An easter island statue in my bed

all acoustic companion EP to 'The Monkeys of the Shitty Island' recorded mostly in Aber with one song from Cardiff (track 4).

White card sleeve with photocopied drawings. Coloured price stickers on cd.

released March 2005


The Monkeys of the Shitty Island


    1.Ten Cities is not a european tour
    3.Cutting Corners
    4.England Expects
    5.Brecon Beacons

All-electronic/experimental EP recorded in Cardiff and Aberystwyth.

White card sleeve with hand-coloured monkey picture and stuck on photocopied notes.

released October 2004 - CD SOLD OUT



Jazzy Jungle Memorial Hall


    1.Our New Hospital Sucks
    2.Kofi Annan TV
    3.My Victor
    4.Teach Yourself Patience
    5.Don't Hang Up
    6.Knight -> King 4
    7.Another Ghost

All new songs recorded between May and June 2004.

First batch were in green card sleeve with printed stuck on photos on green paper. Second batch are in blue card sleeves with printout on blue paper and slightly different artwork on the credits.

released July 2004 - CD SOLD OUT

Goodbye Workshy


    2.Vote With Yr Feet
    3.Molly's Lips (acoustic version)
    4.Jaded Wannabe Parade (industrial remix).

Plain black card slipcase with marker pen drawing and handwritten card insert.

released Aug 2003.

CD SOLD OUT - available via bandcamp bundled with 'Restless Revolution Day By Day'.



No More Roads


    1.It's a fucking shame
    2.Keep it Real
    3.I dream of Soledad
    4.The Cynical Little Train
    5.2 Bullets
    6.No More Films
    8.Montreal 33.

Black Card packaging with cut out photocopied things and photo of p.w.l. and the paganettes playing on the children's playground on the road to Plascrug.


Also made with gatefold card sleeve with removable insert with transferable lettering, limited edition of one.

released April 2003

Enjoy Travelling


    1. In threes?
    4.If you were a Kilroy Guest
    5.I told her i was gay
    6.One eye on the clock
    7.Last Song Ever

Packaging is simmilar to first editions of Tank vs. Cat with differently coloured card. Each copy has a different actual photographic print featuring a manufactured object in the area around Starmount Waters.

released September 2002




The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway Disaster 1902


    1.The Lord Geraint
    2.Asking you to dance
    3. Life's too good (for other fkers and not for me)
    4.Straight to Video
    5.The Buck Stops here, merrit
    6. Control
    7. Sweetheart
    8.The Lord Marks (listed as 'tniareg drol eht')

Cd-r single 'professionally' cleaned up at Aber Sound by Huw with spanky shiny sleeve and labelling. consequently this EP costs 3 which is still pretty resonable for 8 songs.

released Dec 2001


Tank vs. Cat


    1.Tank vs. cat intro
    2.Xmas song
    3.Guilt-free shag
    4.Sharleen Spiteri (machete the bitch)
    5.ideas and fighting
    6.jaded wannabe parade
    7.(sorry jenny)

This EP is on cd-r only. First edition packaging is handmade with coloured card and printed out decorations and things and a secret message.

Second editions come with a computer printed sleeve with different artwork.

see the lyrics

released April 2001


'Train Songs' EP.


    1.The cynical little train
    2.Someone else
    3.Life's too good (for other fkers and not for me)
    5.Defence Mechanism
    6.Fragile Thing

This also features a cover of 'Disorder' by Palace Music as a bonus track. The EP is available on cassette only and is a limited edition of 30 copies, each with unique hand made cover featuring a cutting from the Bolton Evening News.

released Jan 2001