pagan wanderer lu 2001

Tank vs. cat intro

(the words to this are backwards)

Xmas song

I wrote this xmas song for you so I dont have to be straight w/you Im so oblique I cannot speak and my words just make things worse being silents not the way to be but I cant just say whats wrong w/me this kind of thing Id rather thing cos it makes it feel slightly unreal this is my xmas song to let you know whats going on this is my xmas song though it doesnt sound like one this is an apology to you all the crap I put you through you did to me unintentionally I gave it back in spite of that you dont know me that well at all and yes I know thats my fault but I cant help hiding myself because I feel Ive no appeal //chorus// I know this tells you nothing at all but Im wacky and Im off the wall the truth is I dont want you to know I wrote this song anyway though

Guilt-free shag

I lay myself to rest on yr. meanin[;less breasts and I cwtsh you though yr. not worth cwtshing at all I tell myself a lie this is just killing time but its time that I shouldnt be killing at all cos the place I have left was the place I was best to stay - the place I have left was the place I was best to stay when I look into yr. face I see straight thru I dont care what Im saying when I talk to you and Im giving nothing when I give it to you - the place I have left was the place I was best to stay and the one I have left was the one I was best to stay with

Sharleen Spiteri (machete the bitch)


ideas and fighting

I cant waltz anymore my feet stick to the floor when I try and the beat is all wrong anyway bu the lyrics are nice and the only time we dance together is so we can grope all the girls look the same anyway and they look like a joke would you break both my legs if I said this to you? would you break both my legs if I told you this truth? Cos its hard to be nice when Im not full of booze yes its hard to be nice to an empty like you so lets walk on the beach holding hands singing sit down by james and well stop at the line I dont like when Im sat in the Bay I cant sing anymore lack of alcohols made my throat dry but if youd sing along or if someone would that would be nice and well go look for shells we can stamp on and break were not trying to be hard were just trying to get space and well talk of ideas and the fight well do through and then we can dance til theres fighting to do

Jaded wannabe parade

Tonight on this embarrassing platform another jaded wannabe parade lonely people in an internet chatroom emoticons of despair and pain I want a goth-girl who walks it like she talks it not a day-glo pretence of pain a primary colour poster of anarchy a black and red t-shirt w/che are you rock and roll? Would you sell your soul for a piece of fame? are you sponsored by N*****? Id rather just be shit than be a hypocrite and when I fail Ill get a job in retail and pretend I never cared its just another jaded wannabe parade Im sorry if this is a dumb question but are you just scum or are you just scum? yr. talent is post-modern and lazy and its not even any fucking fun Ill shut up now just in case you notice that Im talking directly to you but you fell asleep before I started you dont know how much I hate you ee oo ee oo ee oooooooooooo

(sorry jenny)


why not lift up the tray of your cd and see what's there?

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