The Tree of Knowledge

© pagan wanderer lu 2007

Tree of Knowledge

Popplewell, Tillotson, Leverhulme, Gandalf

Teacher! Teacher! Spray the foam on the…
Spray the foam on the boy’s pectoral

The Tree of Knowledge grows from barren ground here
The apples fall from the trees in the distance
Read the names on the corridors of power
Engorged phalluses with rich parents

Thick, strong planks in the walls of a boys’ club
Our education there is none finer
The hierarchy of sin is implicit
Heaven forfend you go near a vagina

My school reunion is not gonna happen
The Tree of Knowledge can fuck my apples
I took a bite now I can’t stay happy
The Tree of Knowledge can fuck my apples

Pray yourself to the top of the ladder
Only the chosen return to the garden
Make racist jokes until the asian kids join in
Christians like you are why God invented lions

These are the best days of our lives…
Well you ruined mine

Five Prayers

Lord I can't help thinking you don't exist
and if that's really true Lord
what kind of life is this?
If I thought I'd find you Lord I'd search
I'd leave no stone unturned
But that don't sound too easy
I know what I'd prefer

I'm not asking you to jump
through hoops for me
I won't ask you to make me rich
beyond my wildest dreams...

Just five simple prayers
to show me that you're there
Five simple prayers
to show me that you're there
Five simple prayers
that'd be enough for me, Lord
Five simple prayers
what's the statistical likelihood of being wrong?

Five coincidences I can't explain away
If I asked overtly
If I spell it out and pray
The space behind my eyes feels filled
with things I can't explain
I'd rather know you now than wait
for the celestial plain

Why must the sun in the sky just go over my head?
Why must I sleep when I'm alive?
Why must I learn when I'm dead?

All lyrics written by Andy Regan