European Monsoon

© pagan wanderer lu 2010

Banish Negative Thoughts

I've painted myself into a corner
bogged down by evidence based conclusions
reading of entrails
means nothing to me

Can't help but feel that some form of depression
may in fact be the only sane reaction
to a world
that's heading for an epic fail

How can I
banish negative thoughts
when everything's so unbearably awful?

Try to inhabit my animal nature
but I trip over my own cynicism
bark like a dog
walk like an egyptian

spent so long staring into the abyss
If the end days come I might not even notice
Flesh eating zombies look like friday night crowds to me

There's not a solution to every problem and there's just too much to know
Confused by the binaries? Just draw your hard line down the middle of the road
Chaos Theory and compassion fatigue become the pillars of our church
But starving children can't eat relativism
Can we not just do what works?

Chemicals Like You

You can't have love without biology
Our atoms aren't ours
they were forged in the stars

They're just matter our conscience is borrowing
but somehow mathematically
they add up to you and me

And I don't know if love is real
or if it's just chemicals
but I like you
and my chemicals like you too

If you can't make friends without technology
I am not the skin I'm in
anymore than a machine

If a tree falls in the forest
and there's no one there to see
is it still a tree?

And I don't know if love is real
or if it's just chemicals
(and what would be the difference anyway?)
but I like you
and my chemicals like you too

Crustaceans as Castanets

When you've tried everything
but crustaceans as castanets
will there be anything left
but to drink yourself to death

When are they going to make a machine
that will write the songs for you?

You've tried everything
to be the king of anachronistic pop
and you're no nearer to the top
do you think it's time to stop?

When are you going to write the song
that will make them all love you?

At the album playback everyone talked all over your masterpiece
ate the canapes, the fluffy crab cakes
the inspiration for crustaceans as castanets

Well you've tried....
You've tried....
You've tried...

Why do you bother going on tour
When there's a band that sounds like you in every town?

Do it for the canapes, the fluffy crab cakes
the inspiration for crustaceans as castanets
Now you've tried everything....

The Great British Public Becomes Self-Aware

Like magpies with gold cards we buy
Intelligently designed
by the gods of commerce
To spend until it hurts

Ruled out Yahweh with a telescope
And with him any hope
of an afterlife
so spend as if you're never going to die

This used to be a great country
but we had to rob a lot of people to get there
and there's always a danger
that the great British public will become self-aware

Use drama alone to decide
the battles we should fight
road safety facts
don't bump terrorist attacks

And we lose more jobs to ignorance
than we ever will to immigrants
how does electric work?
Itís just planets in the wires

If they replace manual workers with robots
and replace office workers with software
it wouldn't lessen the danger
that the great british public would become self aware

There's nothing splendid about isolation
there's no closed systems in this world
there's no such thing as too much information
it's what you don't know that can hurt
the feudal system funds terrorism
and so do pirate dvds
we fought fascists
now there's a danger
let's not elect some out of fear

God in his wisdom and compassion spares the Mona Lisa from being engulfed by the dying sun

If there is not God's eye view
Then there is no objective truth
there's no right and no wrong
no good or bad songs
just how long things endure

Preserve myself for posterity
like Mt Vesuvius did to Pompeii
a few hundred megabytes in iTunes no one will ever listen to....

We build monuments to ourselves
places for pigeons to roost forever
and we pass on our genes but it won't mean a thing
when the earth falls into the sun
and everything you've ever done is gone

And if the universe is the wider context
what will become of the Mona Lisa
Will it turn out the impending heat death
wipes a smile from off her face?
And if the universe is the wider context
pray for the great pyramid at Giza
will all the pharaohs attempts to cheat death
be any match for entropy?

Do you ever feel that your life has been
all destination with no journey?
tomorrow's a dream
but you live like it's reality

There is no real you
distinct from what you do
If you act like a dick then you are a dick
and that's it

Pickle your brain in a jar forever
Like Thomas Stoltz Harvey did to Einstein
Pray science finds a way to resurrect you one day
before the earth falls into the sun
and see if all the stuff you've done lives on....

and if the universe is the wider context
follow the lead of the tower of Pisa
no one will care about soil subsidence
when the universe is gone....

European Monsoon

I awoke this morning twitched the curtain aside
Took a look through the window and let out a sigh
I saw rain fall in buckets over Adamsdown
and thus was I prevented from leaving the house

I was prevented from going to the job centre
So I sat and flicked through the newspaper
they have discovered it seems a shocking truth
we are in the grip of a
'European Monsoon'

I was prevented from buying any fruit and veg
so I ordered a takeaway pizza instead
I was prevented from having my tires checked
so I drove my car into someone's fence

So conveniently prevented by unseasonal weather
I embraced this unseasonal affective disorder
and as a note from my doctor now officially proves
I'm chronically depressed about the
'European Monsoon'

I never knew I could be so absolved from blame
Never knew I could feel so justified in my apathy
I never knew before I had you
I love you 'European Monsoon'

I was prevented from becoming an informed member
of society by the inclement weather
If I was registered to vote I'd vote BNP
cos immigrants are why it always rains on me

Whilst I sleep at night under my nation's flag
you could get good odds I couldn't find it on a map
retrospectively prevented from succeeding in school
cos I was "too depressed about the
'European Monsoon'"

I was prevented from acheiving all my childhood dreams
Now I'm the poster boy for fake S-A-D
You can see in the pages of my self-help book
How I've constructed an art form from not giving a fuck

And if the sun ever returns to chase the blues away
I've become so dependent it could easily remain
An insurmountable barrier to things I don't wanna do
"I'm still depressed about the
'European Monsoon'"

Self-Doubt Gun

I wish I had a self-doubt gun
with which to mow down everyone
these constant questions aren't much fun
I wish I had a self-doubt gun

You think everything you've earned is cos you've worked so hard
just think of all the bodies in ambition's graveyard
don't swallow the hook
of ignoring luck
or you'll get struck
by karma's truck

There won't be any violence, no one ends up dead
just blast a little voice deep inside their head
saying 'don't take a risk, play it safe instead
don't stop worrying about the consequences'

I wish I wasn't the only one
running up a hill backwards just to get things done
with the thoughts that I'm carrying weighing a ton
I wish I had a self-doubt gun

People won't be able to cross the road
without thinking of the worst case scenario
I'll laugh like drain as I cling to the pavement
when I give them a taste of doubt's enslavement

A Girl Named Aeroplane

In the absence of design
our chromosones entwined
a new life we create
a girl named aeroplane

You can see herself emerge
with every new thing that she learns
the universe we made
a girl named aeroplane

Though our peepholes don't last long
in this great panopticon
we're not alone in space
with our girl named aeroplane

Thanks for saying I can use your car after the rapture
I'll use it when I go and choose a college for my daughter
You dropped the ball and let the end days begin
the charismatic antichrist, the chip and pin
and if europe is the cradle of the end of the world
I'd rather pin my hopes on a little girl

Unbaptised you burn in hell
but don't be scared sweetheart
It's divinely preordained
I'll see you there sweetheart

Westminster Quarters

God forged it the earth
then under hands of men
It was wrought to wring this curse
I hear when you're away

and onto velvet falls
falls the dust from their bones
falls the last prayer on their lips
in the penitentiary walls
sleeping alone it tolls
and this is what I hear....

girl come home soon
I sure you miss you

I search the streets for you
there is no breadcrumb trail
the mattress on your car
the flowers on table

Version 5

The building's on fire
I love you
recipient's mailbox is full

We cling
to each other

Suddenly we are back by the swing set
suddenly we are two feet shorter
through trembling panes see daisy chains
they'll catch us when we fall
the moment we'll be remembered for
peachy skin turned crispy brown
like all the decades of sunsets we would miss
fell on us in one day

be brave little children

our childhood bears
they flash before our eyes
our childhood bears
fight black aeroplanes

The Island etc.

Out where the mist transforms the slate
into an alien landscape
wanting for only the whirrs and the clicks
of the quatermas sound effects

peacefully alone
no bars on my phone
natures architecture
leaving behind the violence the crimes
the island etc....

I'm moving on
I'm moving on
I'm moving on
Remember me for who I am, not what I'll become...

Recast the role written for me
can I still love a city?
Offering the world more than it can accept
In the settlement of a debt

Isolated on the pyramid of information
now chinese whispers fall on deaf ears
pay them no attention

I'm moving on
I'm moving on
I'm moving on
Remember me for who I am, not what I'll become...

All lyrics written by Andy Regan