Chemicals Like You

pagan wanderer lu 2010

Chemicals Like You

You can't have love without biology
Our atoms aren't ours
they were forged in the stars

They're just matter our conscience is borrowing
but somehow mathematically
they add up to you and me

And I don't know if love is real
or if it's just chemicals
but I like you
and my chemicals like you too

If you can't make friends without technology
I am not the skin I'm in
anymore than a machine

If a tree falls in the forest
and there's no one there to see
is it still a tree?

And I don't know if love is real
or if it's just chemicals
(and what would be the difference anyway?)
but I like you
and my chemicals like you too

Margam Park

The day we went to the aviary
The whole world bathed in cyan
The chirping of distant cages
and the anaesthetic calm

I felt like I was visiting you in a mental hospital
or maybe you were the one visiting me?

The end is nigh
my password is password
we dance around sad architecture
round and round and round it goes
new improved arpeggios

Present our work as a series of accidents
beloved foma, the clothes of the emperor
Keep one eye on our egos
where it stops no one knows

My sandwich boards proclaim our doom
you hide your sadness in cartoons
Read our future in tea leaves
merrily merrily down the stream

So they can't be blamed if they don't see it coming
when they find us both with our heads in the oven
Way to take one for the team
life is nothing but a dream

We were so far away from the city
We could actually see the stars
I've got an interesting back story
without the fashion sense or scars

I lay down in the grass
and I felt grateful to be so small
the time signature of my heart
is still 4/4

The Book Burners

Across the wasteland
we'd vowed to return
charred fragments of words still dance on the listless breeze

We built a library here
all our knowledge in one place
books stretching away as far as the eye could see

Spend my childhood wandering through the pages
communing with the great minds of the ages
All my life I felt it hanging over me
Now amidst the ruins can I make my peace?

It was my home and all I'd ever known
I assumed others worshipped knowledge as I did
I couldn't imagine
those who believed words
unread and inert
could ever inflict hurt

then one day they came
with torches aflame
they were stretching away
as far as the eye could see

They'd militarised
stole the secret of fire
from the gods they would burn
so fearful of what they'd learn

condemned the books that contradicted their creed
not hopeful of an afterlife we made our retreat
on that night my parents came to usher me
through the tunnels choking, frightened, stumbling

and we left them behind
to the mercy of the fire
those precious equations
preserved in paper

I couldn't take them with me
the voices of history
silenced forever
lost to the embers

the book burners
the book burners
with torches aflame
as far as the eye could see

All lyrics written by Andy Regan